Forthcoming EU law events

Christopher Brown

From time to time we draw to readers’ attention to lectures, seminars, conferences and other events concerned with EU law which promise to be interesting and insightful.  Here are a few events, in chronological order, which have caught our eye recently:

1. Centre of European Law, King’s College London – Lunchtime debate

On 7 March the CEL at King’s will host a debate on the motion: “That the recent EU reforms of antitrust procedures will deliver real improvements in practice”.  Speakers will be Carles Esteva Mosso, Director, Competition Policy and Strategy, DG Competition, European Commission and Nigel Parr, Partner, Ashurst LLP.

2. IALS/UKAEL evening seminar introducing the FIDE rapporteurs and their reports

This event, on 20 March, will showcase the topics being discussed at this year’s FIDE conference being held in Tallinn at the end of May.  As readers may know, FIDE is a biennial conference dedicated to EU law.  It is one of the longest standing conferences on the subject and is very well regarded, in part because of the support given to it by the Court of Justice.  It attracts a large number of judges from the EU Courts and a good number of officials from the Commission.  I can vouch for it, having been one of the UK’s rapporteurs last time out.

As in previous years, there will be three topics for discussion.  Each topic will be the subject of national reports from each of the participating countries and an EU report.  The event on 20 March gives you the opportunity to learn more about the topics and the UK reports, which will be presented by the rapporteurs.  It should be a very informative evening.

3.  BIICL seminar “Genuine Enjoyment: The New Frontier for EU Citizenship?”

This seminar will explore some of the CJEU’s recent case law on the concept of EU citizenship, including Zambrano and McCarthy (as to which, see Iyiola Solanke’s post on EUtopia here).

4. JUSTICE/BEG training conference “The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: An Essential Tool for UK Practitioners”

The Charter of Fundamental Rights is of course of central importance in EU law following the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty.  This conference, taking place on 29 March, will give practitioners the lowdown on its content, how it has been interpreted thus far, and the ways in which it can be deployed in litigation. Our very own Aidan O’Neill is among the speakers.

5.  Bar European Group annual conference

The Bar European Group holds a conference in sunny climes once a year.  This time it will take place in Porto on 6 and 7 May. The theme is “Grasping the Nettle: Reforming EU Judicial Procedure”. Bar students/pupils who might be interested in attending should check out the “scholarships” section of the BEG website.

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