Two articles of possible interest, plus a symposium on ‘Power and Legitimacy’

Prof. Peter Lindseth

With major events in European politics of obvious importance to the Eurozone crisis (the first round in the French presidential elections, the collapse of the Dutch government), I apologize for my recent lack of blogging.  I hope to rectify that soon.

In the interim, for those interested, I recently posted two articles for download on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).  The first is a new piece, entitled ‘Constitutionalism Beyond the State?: the Administrative Character of European Governance Revisited’ (downloadable here).  The second is a somewhat older piece, but only just posted, entitled ‘The Law-Regulation Distinction and European Integration: Reflections on the German Jurisprudence from the 1960s to the Present’ (downloadable here).  This second piece appeared a couple of years ago in the French journal Jus Politicum.  However, in its review of some of the foundations of the German constitutional vision of European integration (notably from Maastricht to Lisbon), I think it retains direct relevance to current debates.

Finally, I wanted to alert readers that the European Constitutional Law Review (EuConst) has just published (here) a special symposium on my book, Power and Legitimacy: Reconciling Europe and the Nation-State (OUP 2010).  The symposium includes reviews by Türküler Isiksel (Columbia), Stefano Bartolini (EUI), and Bruno de Witte (Maastricht/EUI), along with a reply by me.  Excerpt from more reviews can be found on my OUP page (here).

If you get a chance to check out any of these, I’d be very happy to get the feedback.  I hope to return to active blogging soon.

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