EU Law for UK Lawyers: Review

We don’t generally use the blog to promote the editors, but this rather nice review of EU Law for UK Lawyers by Aidan O’Neill QC appeared in the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland and we thought we would share it. The book is available at all good legal bookshops and online.

EU Law for UK Lawyers

Aidan O’Neill QC

ISBN: 978184113046X
PRICE: £75

O’Neill opens by stating: “The European Union is based on a conviction, confirmed in and by World War II, that the experiment of the nation state had failed.”

In a legal world where specialism is seen as an end in itself, it is refreshing to have an author consider one supposed area of specialised law and demonstrate its relevance, influence and direct impact on individuals’ rights and obligations across all areas of practice: civil, commercial, criminal, employment, competition, planning, intellectual property, taxation, public procurement, health and safety, and more.

The author takes each discipline as a standalone chapter, but taken as a whole, demonstrates the full and daily impact of EU law. He does so with authority, lucidly describing the treaty base before moving to consider secondary EU legal instruments such as directives, concluding with implementation in the UK.

O’Neill anchors his belief that EU law needs to be read “in a manner which is informed by fundamental rights” by referencing each area of practice to the relevant provision of the Charter of Fundamental Rights. This is a compelling text and at this price is worthy of being in all practices.

David J Dickson, solicitor advocate

EU Justice and Home Affairs Law

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