The EU law blogosphere

We wanted to draw readers’ attention to a few other blogs dealing with matters of EU law.  First of all, we are delighted to draw attention to a new blog, europaeuslaw, founded by our loyal contributor Professor Peter Lindseth (U.Conn.), which will serve as the blog of the (future) European Law Section of the American Association of Law Schools.  Its primary purpose is to serve as a forum for debate on European law among scholars based in North America. Given the degree of EU law scholarship on the other side of the pond, it promises to be a great source of comment and analysis.

We are also pleased to mention the new blog from the Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governanance.  We have already cross-posted one piece – by the Centre’s Director, Professor Deidre Curtin – and no doubt there will be more.  Staying in the Netherlands (indeed, in Amsterdam), we also like the European Law Blog, most of whose editors are at VU Amsterdam.  Then there is Martin Holterman’s blog, which carries an impressive amount of content and the King’s Student Law Review European Law blog.  And the EJIL: Talk! blog can also be relied on for at least some posts on EU law-related topics.

These are only a few of the English language blogs available and there are many more in other languages – for example Verfassungsblog frequently carries pieces on EU law.

Happy reading!

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