Events round-up

Over the past few weeks we have spotted a few interesting up-coming conferences, seminars and lectures, which we thought we would share with our readers.

On Monday 13th October, IALS are putting on what is bound to be an excellent seminar entitled “The Court of Justice of the European Union”.  The speaker is none other than Eleanor Sharpston, QC, Advocate General at the Court of Justice. See here for more details.

With the possibility of an in/out referendum if the Conservative party form the next Government, now seems like an opportune moment to consider the legal implications of ‘no’ prevailing.  Handily, the UK Association for European Law have had the same thought.  On 28 October, Professor Sir Alan Dashwood QC, Martin Howe QC, and our very own Rhodri Thompson QC will be speaking at a seminar entitled ‘Untying the knot with Europe: The legal implications of UK withdrawal from the EU’, chaired by Professor Philippa Watson.   More details here.

 On the  EU competition law front, the Franco-British Lawyers Society is holding a colloquium this Friday, 10 October, at the Competition Appeal Tribunal to discuss developments in competition and regulatory law in the UK, France, the EU and the USA, and in particular the soon to be adopted EU Directive on antitrust damages actions.  See here for more details.

And in the field of EU economic law, Professor Sue Arrowsmith will be delivering one of UCL’s Current Legal Problems lectures on 4 December entitled “Rethinking ‘economic’ derogations and justifications under the EU’s free movement rules: Proposals for a new approach and a taxonomy”.  Details here.

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