EU Referendum Resources

A number of reports, resources and analysis about the EU referendum in the UK.

Electoral Commission Guidance: EU referendum  Rules campaigners & third parties must follow on campaign spending, donations and reporting in the run up to the referendum.
The UK’s EU referendum 2016 explained  Commons’ & Lords’ library information and briefings, analysis and comment on the EU referendum.
Hoc Briefing: Process of leaving the EU  Examines issues around TEU, art 50.
Government case for remaining in the EU  Sent to every UK household, aims to “help the public make an informed decision in the 23 Jun 2016 EU referendum”.  Government website on the EU referendum, making the case for remaining in the EU.
TUC legal opinion on Brexit & impact on workers  Michael Ford QC’s legal opinion.
EU Referendum and EU Reform  Lords’ EU Select Committee Repor,arguing that the Government should focus on positive vision for future EU reform.t.
EU Referendum: Counting Officers’ Regulations  These regulations are the final piece of legislation which confirm the arrangements for the EU referendum.
Lawyers – In for Britain: Report  The UK and the EU: Benefits, Misconceptions & Alternatives
Scot Parliament: EU ref -implications for Scotland  European and External Relations Committee report on implications for Scotland of EU referendum and EU reform.
UCL European Unit: Brexit Divisions – event series  Examination of how campaigns can influence how people think and vote in referendums.
UCL Constitution Unit: The UK and Europe Seminars  A series of events on the constitutional implications of Brexit.
PwC: Leaving the EU: Implications for the economy  CBI commissioned PwC to provide quantitative assessment of the potential economic implications of leaving EU.
HoC Briefing: The EU referendum campaign  Rules that apply to campaign activity.
Hoc Briefing: EU referendum 2016 explained  Briefing papers which set out the background and stages of the UK’s referendum for remaining in or leaving the European Union.

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